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What’s next for digital in 2024

In 2024, TV advertising is poised for a paradigm shift, particularly in response to changing viewer habits among Gen Z. Connected TV (CTV) is set to play a pivotal role, bridging the gap created by the decline in linear TV advertising budgets.

Despite its increasing prominence, CTV will face regulatory changes and continued fragmentation for another year. The share of programmatic ad spend in CTV is projected to continue its upward trajectory to reach 90% in 2027, reflecting advertisers’ growing confidence in leveraging data-driven approaches for targeted campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is anticipated to play a more prominent role in the advertising landscape, particularly in the planning process. However, it won’t replace manual efforts entirely. Instead, AI is expected to complement human decision-making, offering valuable insights and optimising strategies. Notably, AI will trail in applications such as fraud and duplication detection, contributing to enhanced ROI by safeguarding advertising investments. As the industry navigates these transformative trends, 2024 promises to be a year where innovation and strategic adaptation redefine the advertising playbook.

Another noteworthy development is the gradual integration of TV Out of Home (TV OOH) into media plans, with market leaders beginning to emerge and compete with their Digital Out of Home (DOOH) counterparts. This shift signifies the expanding avenues for advertisers to engage audiences beyond traditional channels, embracing the dynamic intersection of television and out-of-home advertising.

C-Screens is slated to introduce an audited trading currency, adding a layer of transparency and accountability to the TV OOH advertising space. This development not only signals the maturation of TV OOH as a viable advertising channel but also positions C-Screens as a trailblazer in establishing industry standards. As the company continues its trajectory of expansion and technological integration, its initiatives are likely to shape the evolving landscape of TV OOH advertising, setting new benchmarks for efficacy and measurement in the industry.

By Zheng Zhang | Head of Technology, Operations and Product