People will visit a C-Screens Summer Live site over the summer period

C-Screens extends TV campaigns into new territories 

Traditional TV & VoD campaigns are being challenged by advertisers to prove their worth, brands are looking at new & cost effective media channels to maximise their reach with the budgets they have.

Average audience size over a 2 week period

C-Screens delivers a premium TV environment

C-Screens manages a digital screen and event TV network working with brands & landowners to extend linear TV campaigns in premium environments, at a cost-efficient rate with unique accountability. We create engaging entertainment hubs to reach consumers whilst they indulge their passion points. Advertising around premium licensed content, creating event-style environments, enabling brands to go beyond the traditional 30” spot.

agreed it made sense to advertise at Powerleague

Content and Context is key

C-Screens endeavour to play out premium “TV-style” content aligning with the TV universe. Utilising screens at contextually relevant locations enables brands to engage with consumers where the message is time relevant and well received. Whether it’s Fashion TV content at retail locations, football content at our Powerleague TV network or traffic and travel at our Welcome Break network, content and context is critical.

Looking beyond the screen

The bespoke locations of the C-Screens sites enable brands to look beyond the obvious spot advertising campaigns that are common to TV. We want to create deeper brand engagement by working with brands on multi-faceted amplifications which can include:
• Fixed branded and dynamic screen sponsorships
• On-site Experiential for brand engagement
• On-site branded furniture
• On-site retail
• Long-form content opportunities

Effective audience measurement and campaign analysis

Every campaign receives a post campaign report with images showing the campaign in action and a booked vs delivered number for campaign delivery analysis. Our reporting uses a combination of 1st and third party data, to track footfall accurately around our sites, calculating screen dwell time. Our third party data originates from our partnerships with mobile data companies, to supply qualitative data points to better understand the audience.

C-Screens post-campaign reporting is unsurpassed in a world where accountability is becoming key for advertisers, this data is invaluable.

Matthew Way,

C-Screens provided a holistic 360 degree approach to the TV campaign. Built brand awareness and activated onsite product placement and sampling, further extending our reach and coverage.

Melissa Loan,

C-Screens helped San Miguel reach ABC1 Adults across their network. Not only did we get the incremental reach and cover, but throught their first party data we measured an incredible 17.5% uplift in sales.

Alex Neary,

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