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C-Screens strengthens its measurement credentials


As market leaders it has always been important for us to take the lead on new initiatives. C-Screens has demonstrated this commitment to advancing transparency and accuracy in TV viewership reporting, by successfully completing its audit process with RSMB. This milestone marks a significant step forward for the entire media sector, bringing parity between the planning, execution, and measurement of TV and TVOOH experiences, and a genuine new measured environment for premium brand advertisers.

C-Screens has always aligned itself to the TV marketplace, with its impactful, contextually relevant screens, playing out premium content. Offering an audio feed on these channels differentiates TVOOH from the traditional DOOH market, and ensures it is seen as part of the TV landscape.

When it comes to measurement, it’s difficult to compete with the industry gold standard of BARB. Reaching these levels without the equivalent viewing panel of 7,000 homes is tough. C-Screens has long been committed to enhancing reporting standards and accountability and undergoing this rigorous audit process with RSMB was the logical “next step”, helping bring us closer in line with our TV contemporaries.

This summer sees one of the busiest sporting calendars for many years, dominated by the Euros in June and quickly followed by the Paris Olympics. The summer of sport will continue with the men’s and women’s T20 cricket, the Tour de France, Wimbledon, Formula One, and the Paralympics in August. A schedule this busy can create challenges for brands who typically advertise around sport, so the C-Screens audit is well-timed to provide these TV advertisers and their media agencies a genuine extension to their traditional TV campaigns.

C-Screens – a leading TV Out-of-Home (TVOOH) broadcaster in the UK – has the largest network of outdoor TV screens across the UK, including prime footfall locations like Covent Garden, Spitalfields Market, Borough Market and Manchester First Street, plus additional channels like PowerLeague TV (a network of five a side football centres), and the Welcome Break (service station) network.

By broadcasting premium sports and entertainment content alongside sympathetic ad breaks C-Screens can deliver exclusive, non-skippable, audio-on inventory in targeted, premium, brand-safe environments.

Rob Hicks, CEO of C-Screens commented: “I am delighted that C-Screens TV inventory has been endorsed by the successful audit by RSMB, driving greater transparency, measurement confidence, and trust in the entire sector. With an increasing number of brands seeing TVOOH as a natural extension of their linear TV campaigns, I am excited to see C-Screens continue to take a leadership position, for the benefit of advertisers and the captive audiences we serve.”

RSMB provides sophisticated audience measurement solutions for the media industry and has built a reputation for developing audience research solutions that meet the challenges of rapid changes in consumer media use. RSMB is best known in the UK for its work for Barb (TV audience measurement), RAJAR (radio audience measurement), the UK implementation of Comcast/Sky CFlight (cross-platform reporting of Sky, ITV and Channel 4 audiences) and the IPA Touchpoints planner (cross-media planning database). RSMB is an independent company jointly owned by Kantar and Havas.

Ross Wightman, Commercial Director of RSMB added: “We are pleased to see C-Screens take an active role in establishing robust measurement practices within the TVOOH industry. The successful completion of RSMB’s rigorous methodological audit process of C-Screens Retail TV and Service Station TV channels demonstrates their commitment to transparency and accountability which will help build trust with advertisers and their agencies.”

By Steve Chambers | CCO