50 %

Unprompted awareness by campaign end

41 %

Of people would take action having seen the campaign

20 %

Shoppers only saw this wave of the campaign at retail sites

National Highways wanted to target highway users to embed the safety message “Go-left”, With their humorous, engaging and educational video campaign.

The Brief

National Highways had a clear brief to target all adult road users with the latest wave of their educational campaign to increase driver understanding of the correct advice in the event of a motorway breakdown.

Campaign period:

15th Dec – 30th Jan 2023.


Using humour and a light-hearted approach, National Highways were able to engage with their key audience. C-Screens out of home retail TV screens offered the perfect opportunity to extend the reach of their national campaign. Reaching high dwell, engaged audiences in the perfect environment.


This campaign ran across the build up to Christmas and into the January sales, with the footfall increasing and the campaign being overdelivered by 16%.

C-Screens was the perfect partner for National Highways ‘Breakdown’ campaign. Providing key insights into their retail screens and proving the educational campaign reached audiences beyond what would have been achieved with video alone.

Jessica Tosh Investment Director, MG OMD

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