This Cplayer Service Level Agreement applies to all C-Screens Customers who have entered into a written agreement with C-Screens for a licence of the Cplayer (the Agreement).

Unless otherwise provided herein, this Service Level Agreement is subject to the provisions of the Agreement. Capitalized words and phrases have the meaning specified in the Agreement and as defined this Service Level Agreement.

PART 1 – Contacting C-Screens Technical Support Services

Helpdesk Technical Support Services – Support Hours

1.1 C-Screens provides e-mail access to its standard helpdesk services during the following hours (“Helpdesk Hours”):

Weekdays, excluding bank holidays in the UK: 9.30 am – 5:30 pm GMT

We aim to respond to all support requests as soon as practicable and pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to remedy any issues quickly. A support ticket will be raised for all support requests and prioritised and actioned in accordance with the terms of this service level agreement. 

The helpdesk is not available on weekends or bank holidays in the UK under this Service Level Agreement.  If you would like to arrange support on weekends or bank holidays, please contact C-Screens to discuss enhanced support services.

1.2 In the event that a system outage occurs outside of the Helpdesk Hours, users may send a support query to the same e-mail address but the query will not be actioned until the resumption of Helpdesk Hours. 

Who can contact C-Screens Support?

1.3 Any user at the Customer is authorised to contact C-Screens for support services. 

How to contact C-Screens Support?

1.4 All support queries must be sent by email to

1.5 The support query must include a detailed description of the issue and the circumstances in which it arose, and sufficient information to enable C-Screens support staff to properly investigate the request and where necessary duplicate any problem.

1.6 C-Screens may request that the Customer carries out various checks under C-Screens’ instruction, or permits C-Screens to remotely access the relevant systems in order to facilitate the diagnosis and/or resolution of the issue.

Support from Third Party Service Providers

1.7 In some cases, a support issue may relate or be caused, either directly or indirectly, by an element of Cplayer which is outside of our control or (where the issue relates to hardware which is covered by the Repair/Replace Warranty) by a hardware issue which is outside of our control. In those cases, C-Screens will liaise with its third-party partners and suppliers to assist, to the best of our ability, in the resolution of support and service requests in accordance with this Support Level Agreement. 

1.8 The provision of support by any third party is dependent on the terms of any agreement C-Screens have in place with that third party and we are reliant on their commitment to those terms. C-Screens shall not be responsible for any acts or omissions of third party suppliers, disclaims all liability for, and makes no representation or warranty that any defects, support or service request dependent on a response from a third party will be fixed or that any support or service request will be responded to within a specified period of time by that third party.

Target Resolution Times

1.9 The following target response and resolution times apply during Helpdesk Hours only:

Response time during Helpdesk Hours 2 hours from receipt of a support query during Helpdesk Hours
Fix time during Helpdesk Hours 2 hours from the response from the C-Screens Helpdesk

1.10 The actual response and resolution times will depend on several factors, including the complexity of the situation and any dependency on third parties.  C-Screens will estimate the actual fix time and will update the Customer of this assessment as the issue progresses.

1.11 No representation or warranty is given by C-Screens that all faults or defects in the Services will be fixed within a specified period of time nor that any support request, defect or fault which does not materially affect the Customer’s operations using the Services will be corrected.



Service Availability during Agreed Hours 

2.1 C-Screens guarantees a 99% uptime service availability level (Uptime Service Level) during the hours set out below (Agreed Hours). 

2.2 The Agreed Hours are as follows: weekdays (excluding bank holidays) from 6am to 11pm

2.3 This Uptime Service Level refers to the Customer’s ability to make use of the key functionality on the Cplayer. Uptime Service Level availability does not include downtime resulting from any planned maintenance events notified to the Customer in advance, Customer-caused or third party-caused outages or disruptions, incompatibility or outages or disruptions attributable in whole or in part to events not within C-Screens’s control or hardware failures. 

2.4 If your Uptime Service Level falls below 99% during any calendar month the following service remedy will be credited to you:

Uptime Service Level (Availability) during the relevant calendar month (rounded to the nearest 0.1%) Remedy 
99% – 96%  10% refund of monthly licensing fee for the relevant month
95.9% – 90%  20% refund of monthly licensing fee for the relevant month
89.9% – 50% 40% refund of monthly licensing fee for the relevant month
49.9% and below (100% minus the Availability percentage) refund of monthly licensing fee for the relevant month

2.5 In order to claim these service remedies, the Customer must submit a claim to with supporting evidence.  These service remedies are your sole remedy in relation to any failure by C-Screens to meet the Uptime Service Level.

Last updated on 12/04/2023