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A sustainable partnership for a better future


At C-Screens, we have a strong focus on sustainability, and are very pleased that we have been given the opportunity to take climate change action and help the environment before it’s too late. Our partnership with Earthly goes deeper than just doing what’s right for the planet. It’s about embracing revolution and watching the world become a better place to live in.

Why Earthly?

Earthly offers natural solutions to companies so that they can grow and become more productive, whilst also assisting net zero targets and helping to build a good reputation. The reason why Earthly only offers nature-based solutions is because they combat climate change and help people to excel across the world. Using unnatural solutions to reach business goals will not have this same effect.

Earthly helps companies to build trust with their audience, measure value effectively and assist brands to achieve commercial ROI from their sustainable endeavours. All of this makes it easier for stakeholders to understand and support their journey.

Our project with Earthly:

About the project:

The project that we support through Earthly, is a mission to protect the tropical forest of Mai Ndombe, the second largest intact rainforest in the world. Earthly have been working on this project since 2011 and have so far helped this rainforest to survive by reducing deforestation and degradation.

To help save this rainforest, Wildlife Works put a price tag on Mai Ndombe. The idea is that by assigning a monetary value to the rainforest, people would make more of an effort to look after it. This project has proven to be a success so far, with Wildlife Works avoiding 13,322,276 tCO2 and counting. This project has also stopped 74,000 hectares of rainforest from being destroyed.

About Wildlife Works:

Wildlife Works is a carbon development company based in San Francisco, California and Voi, Kenya. Their mission is to guard 5 million hectares of forest across the earth, including Mai Ndombe.


As well as this project being good for the environment, it is also good for the community’s wellbeing and health. Mobile medical clinics were developed during this project which has helped over 3,000 people to receive necessary healthcare which would have not otherwise been available.


Education has also been significantly benefited, as 28 schools are being planned and built within the area, aiming to help 8,000 students with their education. This will provide the youth with promising futures and hopefully give them the resources that they need to do well in life.

Our goals by 2030:

Here at C-Screens, we have a goal to reach carbon net zero by 2030. We are slowly working towards this goal in everything that we do, and we believe that this is highly achievable. We will only consider offsetting carbon emissions if it is totally unavoidable or if residual emissions still exist after we cut them off.

We are going to have to take many steps forward to successfully cut off all carbon emissions by 2030, here’s some of the steps that we will be taking…

Green team:

In 2023, C-Screens set up an internal green team within the company which is a collective of staff and management who hold sustainability meetings every few months. In these meetings we have very thoughtful conversations about how we can take more steps to become 100% environmentally friendly.

Emissions checklist:

We have produced a 42-point checklist for our staff which will encourage them to watch their emissions at home as well as at work.

Supplier changes:

Recently we have been more active in reviewing the suppliers that we work with, and we are trying to only work with suppliers that can show us how they are actively trying to be more sustainable.

Baseload energy use:

Baseload is the amount of energy that our company uses no matter the time of day. When this base load is high, it is regularly because of things such as equipment not being switched off after office hours. Such as heating and air conditioning. Steps are being taken to ensure that we stop leaving things on when it is not necessary.


Overall, working with Earthly has been a great way to open our eyes to the fact that we need to pay more attention to the future and how we can contribute to the wellness of the planet and of our people. We will continue to persist on reaching our net zero goal by 2030 and until we reach this we won’t stop. To read more about our sustainability goals click here.

Richard Hicks says “We’re delighted to be working on the Mai Ndombe project. I have been working in advertising for a long time and wanted to give back, which we don’t always have the opportunity to do. We want our company to continue with such projects to help support our suppliers and clients to be as close to net zero as possible by 2030. I am grateful that C-Screens were given the chance to support Earthly during this journey”.

Guest post by Andrew Antoniou.